‘Strictly Business’

Seven Shortcuts to Pitching your Business

Instead of describing products and services, strengthen your sales proposal by pitching to your customer’s needs. Customer service strategist Jeff Mowatt offers seven tips for scoring more business.

How to Fit In at Work

While you and your coworkers might not be friends, you can earn their respect — if not their liking — says retail strategist Jeff Mowatt. Here are five tips for building trust on the job. .

Avoiding the dreaded Friend Zone

Customer relationships should be built on friendly, professional service — but not friendship — says retail strategist Jeff Mowatt. There are good reasons to avoid getting too close, and here are five of them..

Seasonal Shopping and Online Searches: Get Your Business on the Radar

With consumers doing more holiday shopping online, retailers need smarter ways of getting out their message. Digital marketing consultant Jeff Quipp introduces keyword search tools that could help you stand out from the crowd.

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