‘Strictly Business’

Good Managers Learn to Set the Right Tone

To inspire others, a leader needs to be an optimist as well as a realist, says customer service consultant Jeff Mowatt. Here are four tips for achieving that magic mix.

Give Your New Hires a Leg Up

Retail strategist Jeff Mowatt has a problem with how young people are being prepped for the workplace. Actually, he has three of them. And he has a solution that can pay off for everyone — helping new employees strengthen service and communication skills.

Competing with Discounters: “different” can make the difference

Outshine discounters by offering unique products and services that meet your customers’ needs, says retail service strategist Jeff Mowatt.

Toy Suppliers Need to Look at Changing Distribution Trends

TIA's Knowledge Network offers business trends report

Shifting Channels, a new report from the U.S.’s Toy Industry Association, says suppliers need to stay on top of evolving distribution trends to remain competitive.

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