‘Strictly Business’

Your Irresistible Offer

Whether you’re making a pitch to customers in person, in a brochure, or on your website, you’ll have more success if you define your proposition using three key elements.

The Shocking Truth About Your Image

A bad first impression can send customers elsewhere. Strategist Jeff Mowatt looks at common blunders and the steps you can take to boost your image.

10 Ways to Break It to Them Gently

Delivering bad news to customers is an often unavoidable part of any business. Jeff Mowatt offers 10 ways to make the process less painful for everyone.

Phrases That Pay

In the real world of upset customers, long hours and stress, an employee’s enthusiasm will occasionally wear thin. Front-line staff can be trained to convey a positive, helpful attitude even when they’re not having a zippity-do-dah day.

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