‘Consumer Talk’

Playtime With Your Kids — Pleasure or Pressure?

Hand puppet play is imaginative, open-ended and equally freeing for kids and adults. Let your child take the lead and you’ll be amazed at where you will go together.

When is Enough, Enough?

When your kids ask for new toys, do you find yourself wondering why they don’t play with what they’ve already got? Judi Meade has some tips for parents drowning in toys.

Toy Couple Favs Coming to Retail Shelves

Misti and Gary Mussatto, a.k.a. The Toy Couple, talk about three favourites from the 2011 New York toy fair.

Will your kids be the scientists of tomorrow?

Discovery — the essence of scientific work — is motivation for kids and researchers alike. The key is what happens after. Retailer Judi Meade shares her thoughts on turning the spark into a passion.

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