‘Consumer Talk’

Holiday Wish List Dos and Don’ts

Finding the right holiday toy for your child isn’t all fun and games. Retailer Judi Meade gives parents some tips about what to do when confronted with the annual wish list.

Favourites for the Gift-giving Season

Cloud b's Twilight Turtle

After talking to developers, suppliers, independent retailers and customers, The Toy Couple and their staff have put together a list of top picks for 2011.


Raising Musical Kids – even if you think you’re tone deaf

Even tone deaf parents can encourage children of all ages to appreciate music and develop their skills. Judi Meade’s personal experience may help get your kids humming along without turning them off.

Toys With Loose Parts Inspire Creativity

Giant Foam Blocks

Sure they’re messy, but don’t rule out toys with lots of bits and pieces. Research shows opened-ended toys encourage more imaginative play.



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