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browser logosAll major browsers provide basic functionality with Toys & Games Magazine. For best performance, we recommend Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

This site works reasonably well in Internet Explorer, versions 8 through 11,  with some loss of graphics quality. T & G no longer supports IE7; most content is readable but if you like Internet Explorer, we encourage updating to the most recent version supported by your operating system.


Missing content? 

Unless JavaScript is enabled, some content — including the Important Dates calendar, Toy Brief sidebars, drop-down menus, tabs, videos and slideshows — cannot be viewed. The platform is a standard feature of most browsers, including iOS Safari and BlackBerry. but it needs to be activated. For instructions, choose computers, or mobile devices. (Note: many mobile devices ship from the factory with JavaScript turned off.)


Log-in Problem?

Subscribers may occasionally experience a log-in failure. Assuming you’ve entered the correct username and password, please clear your browser cache and history. (Instructions can be found under the browser help menu.) In some cases, deleting cookies might also be necessary.

If your username contains one or more <space> characters and you cannot log in, please send an email to



In-story photos. Many photos can be viewed in a larger, lightbox format. Mouse over the image and click if your cursor changes shape. To return to normal viewing, click on “close” or anywhere in the blackout screen area, or hit ESC.

In-story photos


Gallery photos. To see a full-size version of an entire gallery, you can easily move from one photo to another, without returning to the thumbnails. Once you have opened a photo, clicking on the image, anywhere to the right of centre, will take you to the next. Clicking to the left of centre brings up the previous photo.

Gallery photos


Embedded slideshows. Slideshows rotate automatically, but you can manually pause and move forward or back. Start by mousing over the image. Clicking in the centre pauses the show. Clicking to the right or left, moves in the direction indicated. To return to automatic play, click in the centre again.


Mobile PosterMobile devices. Embedded slideshows run on iOS and Android devices in a slightly different manner when “desktop mode” is turned off. Tapping on a static mobile poster opens the show in a separate screen. Images can be set to rotate automatically, or they can be navigated manually by swiping left or right.

captionsTo read captions, tap the info icon near the upper right corner of the player’s screen.

For devices running Android 4.3 and above, we currently recommend the Chrome or Dolphin browsers.


Interactive content. To cut down the need for scrolling, some articles use tabs, flyouts, sliders, etc. These features offer a more controllable, fun experience. So if something looks like it might be clickable, give it a try.

Interactive content


On-site search. If your search term includes more than a single word, enclosing the phrase in quotation marks may produce a more useful result. For example “Ice Age”, rather than Ice Age. However, searching on people’s names sometimes works better without the quotes.

Standard searches will return text and photos from published articles, as well as calendar entries and images from the T & G Photo Gallery.  Embedded slideshows are not searchable, so if you’re looking for something specific, please send a media request.



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