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Editorial content. Toys & Games Magazine adheres to accepted standards for professional journalism and is responsible for the accuracy of  material originating with the magazine and its staff. Factual errors should be reported to the editor  and will be corrected upon receipt of credible information. The magazine accepts no liability for financial consequences or inconvenience resulting from errors that have not previously been brought to our attention.


Outside contributors. While the majority of content is written by staff, T & G may invite contributions from others especially knowledgeable in various areas of the industry. In such cases, the author will be clearly identified. The magazine will make reasonable efforts to verify accuracy; final responsibility will remain with the author. Factual errors should be reported to the editor. Disagreements that cannot be resolved may be published in the Comments Section, adjacent to the original article.


Sponsored material. T & G may accept a fee in return for publishing contributions from suppliers or other industry participants. In such instances, the material will be identified with the words “sponsored content” or “advertorial”.


Readers’ Comments. All readers may leave comments at the end of articles. Criticism and differences of opinion are legitimate parts of discussion and will be tolerated. Comments of a personal, derogatory, defamatory or vulgar nature will be deleted. Spam is unwelcome on this site; any that manages to get through our filters will be deleted.


Republishing. Readers who would like access to original text or photographs for personal or commercial use are welcome to send a media request.


Toys & Games Magazine aims to support the Canadian toy industry. We hope that readers, contributors, sponsors and staff will work together to keep the tone upbeat and all of us better informed.


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