Mythical Creatures Joins Find-It Collection

Mythical Creatures joins Find It line, distributed in Canada by Kroeger

Mythical Creatures is the latest title to join Identity Games’ award-winning Find It line of activity games. Packaged in a beautiful open-face box, Mythical Creatures features Find It’s signature clear-plastic cylinder — offering loads of hide-and-seek or battle-style fun for one or more players.

Mythical Creatures challenges players, six years and over, to spin, twist and shake the cylinder to find the 40 hidden items buried amongst the thousands of multi-coloured beads.

Mythical Creatures includes fabled figures and objects, such as a mermaid, dragon, fairy, flying pig, Pegasus, Sphinx, Bigfoot, Troll, and even Cupid’s Arrow.

Designed to combine laughing and learning, Find It games encourage cognitive skills like focus and concentration. Parents and teachers of special-needs children also endorse Find It games as a tool to engage and calm kids with learning difficulties such as ADHD or ADD. Also makes a great travel game or holiday gift for the Find It collector.

For more information, contact Canadian distributor, Kroeger Inc.

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