New Sprig Toys Use Petroleum-free Plastics

Begin Again intros John-Deere-Eco-Rigs

Colorado’s BeginAgain Toys, known for its award-winning line-up of imaginative products made from eco-friendly materials, introduces a new line of licensed John Deere toys .

Made in the U.S. and launched under BeginAgain’s recently acquired Sprig brand, all toys in the new collection are manufactured using a cutting-edge, petroleum-free bio-plastic that’s created largely from a composite of sugar cane and corncobs. (The corn is grown and harvested on U.S. farms.)

The new line, which is designed for preschoolers, three and over, includes two working Eco-Rigs (Front Loader and Dump Truck) and a four-piece Farmer’s Lemonade Set. All encourage active, creative role play and feature the beloved license’s signature green/yellow colours.

For more information, contact BeginAgain. Distributed in Canada by Stortz Toys.

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