Djeco’s Arty Toys Figures Have Multi Appeal for Young Collectors

Djeco's Arty Toys themed collectibles from Ilot 307

More and more fans are discovering Djeco’s Arty Toys, a line of collectible figures and playsets that taps into the art movement that’s so popular in the European toy industry.

To keep pace with increased demand from young collectors, four and over, Djeco continues to expand the brand with additions to its four themed collections: super heroes, knights, pirates and princesses.

Each three-inch, whimsically painted figure in this extensive collection of 70+ SKUs is a work of art. Designed in France, figures are also made for play, so they feature movable neck, limbs and waist, and are made from sturdy, looks-like-wood plastic.

However, playsets, including Ze Red Castle and Ze Pirate Boat, are made from real wood.

Retail display for Djeco Arty Toys figuresEach figure comes with an appropriate accessory, such as a wand, a bird, a shield, etc, which fits into its shaped hand.

Because Arty Toys is a generic brand and not tied to a licensed storyline, it promotes more creative and imaginative play.

Figures are packaged in showcase-style boxes and cylinders and a retail display unit is available.

Distributed in Canada by Îlot 307 Inc.

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