Canadian, U.S. and Mexican Regulators Meet to Set Toy Safety Goals


Federal regulators from Health Canada, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and Mexico’s Consumer Protection Federal Agency (PROFECO) met in Mexico City last week for the third North America Consumer Product Safety Summit.

The three agencies came together to discuss their common goal of designing effective legislature that protects young children from dangerous and illegal toys.

Although the Safety Summit is an annual event, representatives of HC, CPSC and PROFECO also confer throughout the year. Through 2015, collaboration among the regulators has taken place through joint industry trainings, consumer outreach and education, and three trilateral recall announcements of harmful toys and children’s products.

Additional efforts have included joint oversight of product supply chains and timely responses to emerging product hazards. Plus, a three-point vision for creating a safer marketplace for consumers across the continent was also established. It includes: strong safety standards that are enforced, inspections at import, and an emphasis on quality, safe manufacturing overseas.

In a release, CPSC spokesman Elliot F. Kaye, gave more details about the Summit’s goals. “Our three jurisdictions are working as one to protect children in all three nations from harmful toys,” he said. “Despite our real advances in toy safety, we are still finding too many violative toys at our borders. All consumers, regardless of which of our three nations they come from, deserve us working together to protect them. This is why working toward seamless surveillance across North American borders is a critical part of our collaboration with Health Canada and PROFECO.”

Canada’s newly appointed federal Minister of Health, Dr. Jane Philpott, also attended the event and she echoed the CPSC’s statement, saying, “In today’s global marketplace, close collaboration between countries is important for keeping Canadians safe. I look forward to continuing Health Canada’s partnership with the CPSC and PROFECO on our shared goals for consumer product safety.”

For more information, contact Health Canada.

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