New Web-based TV Series Showcases Tweens’ Creativity

Totally Random cast

Totally Random cast, aged 7-11 years old

The first two episodes of Totally Random, a hilarious skit-style comedy show produced for tweens by Ottawa’s Mountain Road Productions, hit the digital airwaves earlier this month. Funded by the Canada Media Fund’s Experimental Stream, the newly launched show combines an interactive TV series and a social-networking website that encourages kids, aged seven to 11, to contribute to its content.

A recent Mountain Road press release explains it this way. “Totally Random establishes a partnership between the producer and the viewer to create content for the TV series rather than going the traditional route where content creation is the exclusive domain of the producer. The result is a greater sense of ownership for the viewer and more fresh, relevant and timely content being produced.”

Perhaps best described as a “digital playground”, youngsters visit the safe and kid-friendly TR site to tap into its library of graphic elements or seeds and use them to create digital works of art, a.k.a snowballs. Every two weeks, the most tagged and innovative snowballs are chosen to be featured in an episode of the Totally Random web-series. (A new episode airs on the first and fifteenth of every month.)

Tween-age hosts welcome the audience to the bi-weekly episodes, which present fun adventures and random comedy skits performed by the TR Kids troupe of three young actors. Because the series consistently showcases the best and most creative contributions from its viewers, kids are challenged and inspired to come up with more cool content.

For a look at the first two episodes, visit Totally Random.

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