Wrebbit is Back! New Puzzles to be Manufactured in Canada.

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The spirit of Paul-Emile Gallant — the Canadian inventor who changed the world’s jigsaw puzzle industry — is the inspiration behind a new company, Wrebbit Puzzles Inc. “He was the ingenious creator of the three-dimensional puzzle concept and his puzzles captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of enthusiastic fans of all ages around the world,” says Jean Théberge, one of two partners involved in launching the company and resurrecting the famous Wrebbit name. (Gallant founded Wrebbit Inc. in the early ‘90s to market his award-winning Puzz 3D® line.)

Earlier this month, Théberge, a friend and colleague of the late Gallant, along with Gallant’s son Eric, announced they were introducing a line of 3D puzzles under the Wrebbit™ Puzzles Inc. brand. The line, which is being manufactured in Canada, focuses on “larger size puzzles with higher piece counts that provide greater challenges to real 3D puzzle fans,” says Théberge.

Wrebbit's Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, one of three titles available from Wrebbit Puzzles Inc.

Eric, who was the long-time art director for the original Wrebbit under his father’s management, has assumed the role of lead designer for the new company, while, Théberge, who worked with the senior Gallant for 14 years as vice president of legal affairs and business development, will handle similar duties for Wrebbit Puzzles Inc..

The pair’s new line is divided into three categories, each offering different price points, larger puzzle dimensions, varying levels of difficulty and piece counts. For example, the L-category offers average challenges and ranges from 350 to 400 pieces. The 750- to 850-piece titles in the XL-category will be more difficult, while those in the XXL-category offer the greatest challenges and will range from 1,400 to 1,500 pieces. All puzzles are made from non-toxic polyethylene foam, environmentally friendly glues and feature tenon-and-mortise technology for added sturdiness.

Since it’s still early days for the new company, there are currently only three titles — Sydney Opera House, Big Ben with House of Parliament, and Taj Mahal — in the Wrebbit lineup. However, several others are already in development and are expected to be available by late spring.

Things are also developing on other business fronts, too. Last December, Théberge secured Coiledspring Games as the exclusive distributor of Wrebbit 3D puzzles in Britain, Scotland and Ireland. The U.K. company exhibited the line at Britain’s The Toy Fair in London and later in Birmingham’s Spring Toy Fair — receiving good response from buyers at both events. Théberge and Gallant met similar reaction later in February 2012 when they introduced the line at Germany’s Spielwarenmesse, and the American International Toy Fair in New York. “We’re confident that Wrebbit 3D puzzles will be offered in over 20 countries around the world by year end,” says Théberge.

For more information, contact Wrebbit Puzzles Inc.

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